Our Mission Statement:

Wake Radio exists to inform and entertain the Wake Forest community while educating its members in the day-to-day operations of a college radio station. Persons who work for Wake Radio shall serve the Wake Forest community with music, news, and programming of special interest to said community, including Winston-Salem. The station will provide Wake Forest students with hands-on experience in all aspects of college radio. WAKE Radio offers Wake Forest students who show initiative and creativity a place to exercise their gifts and abilities while serving the university, and striving to foster an environment of “Pro Humanitate.”

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What we do:

In a much more literal sense, we run a college radio station, located on the 5th floor of Wake Forest University’s Benson University Center. We are broadcast online on our local college radio station, WFDD’s website. Our Dj’s run a variety of programming, including music sent to us by promoters. We seek to provide a platform for the many voices that attend Wake Forest University.

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