The Radio Show Form:

We use This Form to take show attendance and make sure you're playing high prio -- just pull this up and fill it out on your laptop or phone when you do your show!

The Meeting Excuse Form

This Form will help us keep track of attendance to the general staff meetings this year. The details of our attendance policy are outlined on the form, but the gist is that if you need to miss a meeting, please fill out this form and give us a heads up!

Intern Hour Signup

New Members -- this is for you! If you still need to be trained and certified for a show, sign up to sit in on three exec shows so we can get you your own show! The sheet outlines days/times that different exec members are holding their shows. Just put your name down for the three shows you plan to sit in on. Once you've completed three intern hours, we will help you get sorted for your test and help you get a show! More details to follow on that.